The Significance of Each Rose Color

The gift of flowers is a timeless tradition practiced by various cultures throughout the world. For centuries, roses have been given for special occasions due to the significant sentiments they convey. Roses are the most appreciated and meaningful flower. The various colors of roses express such sentiments as devotion, loyalty, love, commitment, and friendship. When giving the gift of delicate and beautiful roses, it is important to understand what each color means so you convey your true sentiments for the particular occasion.

Below is a list of the various meaning of the various rose colors:

Red: The red rose is the most popular roses. When giving a single stemmed rose, you are expressing your love for another person. The red in the rose symbolizes passion, commitment, and love. If you give a deep dark color rose, it symbolizes appreciation. As well, the red rose can also mean courage and honesty. Roses are the popular choice for Valentine’s Day.

White: The meaning of the white rose is purity and peace. A elegant and gorgeous flower, it is rose given to convey happiness and peace. The essence of this rose conveys feelings of serenity.

Yellow: There are two scopes of the yellow rose – jealousy and friendship, When you give this rose to some you care about, you telling that person that your friendship is important and you respect and admire him or her. If you give it to a person that you are unsure about when it comes to friendship, it can symbolize jealousy.

Blue: The blue rose conveys that you believe and support someone. That is, you have faith in that person. For instance, if someone is going to attempt a marathon, giving a blue rose will tell them that you believe he or she will succeed.

Lavender/Purple: The purple rose that has a deep color, tells someone that someone that you fell in love with him or her the first time you met. It is a ‘love at first sight’ flower.

Black: The meaning of the black rose is the most unpleasant. For centuries, black has been associated with protest, rebellions, and revolutions as it symbolizes death and tragedy. You should consider not giving this rose to someone special.

Roses have always made for a beautiful gift that tells the recipient how one truly feels. When roses are given in a bouquet, it signifies intensity of the emotions. As well, you can mix roses together to represent various related feelings such as love, commitment, and friendship. Because roses can convey a variety of different feelings, it is important that you understand what they mean so the person you give the rose(s) does not misinterpret your message. As well, if you receive a rose, it is always good to understand what the person is saying to you. Then, you can make the appropriate response. There are professional flower delivery services you can find online that can deliver a gift of roses to a special loved one. A rose is one flower that can be given any time of the year and for any occasion.

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