Flowers For All Occasions

While it’s certainly true that all flowers can express a multitude of sentiments, it is important to realize that different blooms represent varying meanings and emotions – be it sympathy, respect, love, innocence or passion.

Not sure which flowers say it best? Use this as a guide:

  • Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (the best flowers to apologise):
    Geraniums – stupidity, folly
    Yellow Gerberas – I’ll try harder to win your love
    Orange Gerberas – You are the sunshine of my life
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy (the best flowers to brighten someone’s day):
    Freesias – thoughtfulness
    Orange Roses – feelings of enthusiasm, fascination
    Sunflowers – adoration, following the sun
    Yellow Tulips – there’s sunshine in your smile
  • Thank You For Being a Friend (the best flowers to say thank you):
    Pink Roses – gratitude, admiration, appreciation, friendship, thankfulness
    Peach Roses – gratitude, appreciation, admiration
    Yellow Roses – joy, friendship
  • Be My Baby (the best flowers to express new love):
    Red Tulips – declaration of love, believe me.
    White Roses – spiritual love, happy love
    Lavender Roses – love at first sight, enchantment
  • I Will Remember You (the best flowers to express sympathy/condolences):
    Forget-Me-Nots – memories, remembrance
    Crimson Roses – mourning
    Pink Roses – sympathy
    White Roses – reverence
    Lily of the Valley – humility, new life
    Chrysanthemums – passing of a life
  • An Apple A Day (the best flowers to express Get Well wishes):
    Sunflowers – sunshine, following the sun
    Orange Gerberas – you are the sunshine of my life
    Freesias – thoughtfulness
  • Celebrate Good Times (the best flowers to say Congratulations):
    Birds Of Paradise – magnificence
    Lilies – magnificent beauty, wealth, pride, majestic
    Sunflowers – adoration
    Yellow & Red Roses – congratulations
  • I Will Always Love You (the best flowers to express true love):
    Yellow & Orange Roses – passionate thoughts
    Thornless Roses – love at first sight
    Red Roses – love, passion, respect, courage, I love you
    Orange Lilies – flame, I burn for you


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2 Responses to “Flowers For All Occasions”

  • fs368 says:

    Flowers make me feel comfortable and your post is great!

  • Lulu says:

    Your post has taught me that there are a wide variety of flowers to choose from that can best fit any occasion. A luscious red tulip as a sign of one’s true love, vibrant sunflower that symbolizes new hope are some of the well-known flowers used to express such feelings. I’d like to give you two big thumbs up for listing the less popular flowers such as gerberas and birds of paradise.