Lilies Care, Instruction

Lilies: In addition to the care instructions above, please note that:

  • Lilies have two parts to their stamen: the stalk and the anther. It is important for you to gently pull off the anthers from the stalk as the flower is opening. If you leave the anthers attached to the stalk, then yellow pollen will form. This yellow pollen will stain everything it touches! It will stain your hands, the flower, and any dress that it touches. If pollen stains your bloom, remove with a pipe cleaner. If pollen stains occur on clothing or material, remove with sticky tape (DO NOT APPLY WATER).
  • Lilies are sensitive to ethylene gas which comes from fresh vegetables and fruits, especially bananas. Please place lilies them away from or near fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • After having your Lilies in a vase with water for approximately 1 day, you may need to assist the lilies to open. Take the bloom and roll between your hands, applying LIGHT PRESSURE. (This is similar to rolling a pen between your hands.) You should continue to do this until you begin to see the bloom open. Once you see the slightest bit of the flower begin to open STOP rolling and leave the flower to open naturally.

Lilies of the Valley: Do not follow the care instructions above! Instead, please follow these steps:

  • Your flowers will arrive in a plastic container with a special paper wrap.
  • Leave your flowers in the packaging until the day of the event. Place the box in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them. These flowers are sensitive to ethylene gas emitted by fresh fruits and vegetables, so be sure to remove all fruits and veggies from the fridge before storing your flowers!
  • When ready to decorate, simply open the package and arrange as desired.

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