The Implied Meaning of The Number of Flowers In the Chinese Culture

In the Chinese culture, the number and type of flowers in an arrangement holds a special significance. There are different messages other than the portrayal of love. Other meanings may include offering a proposal, saying that you are sorry and many others. Therefore, when giving flowers particularly to a Chinese national, you have to be very careful as you do not want to be sending out the wrong message.

Please reference below Meaning of the Number of Flowers when you sending flowers to someone in China:

Meaning of the Number of Flowers In the Chinese culture

Number Implied Meaning Number Implied Meaning
1 flower2 flowers3 flowers

4 flowers

5 flowers

6 flowers

7 flowers

8 flowers

9 flowers

10 flowers

11 flowers

12 flowers

13 flowers

15 flowers

17 flowers

18 flowers

19 flowers

20 flowers

21 flowers

22 flowers

24 flowers

You are my only loverYou and I are in my heartI love you

This is my oath to you

No regrets

Best of luck

Good to know you

My apologies

Love you forever with no regrets

Perfect love


This love is complete

Unrequited crush

So sorry for you

Dear John (Let’s break up)

A true heart

Waiting for you

Love you for good

You are my favorite

A loving couple

Miss you

25 flowers30 flowers33 flowers

36 flowers

44 flowers

50 flowers

55 flowers

56 flowers

60 flowers

66 flowers

77 flowers

88 flowers

99 flowers

100 flowers

101 flowers

108 flowers

123 flowers

144 flowers

365 flowers

999 flowers

1001 flowers

Good luckLove in heartI love you even in afterlife

Romantic heart, I’m yours

An oath that will never change

No regrets

Love with no regrets

My love

Love will never change

True love never changes

We are meant to be together

Say sorry with your heart


100% love, forever love

You are the only one to me

Marry me

Free love

Love you every day

Miss you every day

True love never ends

Faithly love lasts forever

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