Buying flowers for a Chinese Lady

where to buy flowers in China

As for sending a bouquet of flowers to a Chinese lady…Usually Chinese guys only send red roses to someone special. Otherwise, the girl would be misled and think you are in love with her. If you are not in love with her, you’d better send l...

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Flowers For All Occasions

While it’s certainly true that all flowers can express a multitude of sentiments, it is important to realize that different blooms represent varying meanings and emotions – be it sympathy, respect, love, innocence or passion. Not sure which fl...


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10 Reasons To Send Flowers to Someone You Care About

Flowers convey so many messages and feelings. Here are 10 reasons to send them to someone you care about. 1. If it’s their birthday, flowers are a special treat that shows them how much you care about them. 2. Flowers are also appropriate to sen...


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How to Send Flowers to China

China has florists across the country that can deliver flowers to someone for you. You can send flowers to persons in China with a credit card or PayPal and some planning. 1   Contact a florist that offers the service of sending flowers from peopl...


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Names of Flowers & Their Meanings

Flowers can express a diverse range of emotions. From passionate love to treasured friendship, innocent affection or solemn sympathy, flowers are sometimes able to convey feelings and thoughts that words cannot. Tulips: Tulips are seasonal spring time...


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