April, 2012

Sunflower Care & Instructions


Sunflower Care Watering – Sunflowers are generally quite hardy to short dry or wet spells, but of note for the sunflower is the need to check that the sunflower does not get over watered for an extended period. Too much water may result in the s...


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Mothers Day China 2012, Send Mothers Day Flowers

send flowers to mother 2012

Mother`s Day falls on May 13th 2012 in China To get celebrate a day for our mom is not enough, but the least we can do is celebrate this day of her with full joy, happiness and gusto. Mothers Day Flowers (Mother`s Day falls on May 13th 2012 in China) ...


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Tulips Care & Instructions

Tulips are extremely resilient plants, and therefore are very low maintenance. Once they bloom, upkeep is a simple matter of making sure that their soil doesn’t become overly dry. The only time it gets more complicated is at the end of the seaso...


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Calla Lilies Care Instructions

calla lilies

Fill the vase with only 2 to 2.5 inches of fresh, cool water. Too much water may damage the stem. Calla lilies retain sufficient amounts of water in their stems for long periods of time. However, if they are left in bacteria contaminated water, starti...


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