Tips for Sending Gifts in China

send gifts to china

send gifts to china

1 Consider the occasion.

Usually when you go for a family dinner, you can bring some gifts for the hostess, e.g. a bunch of flowers, fruits, local specialties and so on. If there are children in the family, you can bring some toys and candies. When invited to a wedding feast, you can send art ornaments, a bunch of flowers and some other beautiful appliances. During the special festival, you can send wine, cigarette, candies, tea and so on.

2 Pay attention to the time and ways to send gifts.

Usually gifts are sent by yourselves. But when it comes to wedding, you can send the gift ahead. Gifts for festivals can be sent by post. You need to put an exquisite card with greeting words.

Sending only one person faced by a lot of people is not wise. Because others will think you bribe the recipient. Even though sending gifts to your intimate person, you should avoid sending expensive gifts faced by many people. Because others will think your relationship depends on expensive gifts.

3 Know about the custom of sending gifts.

The choice of gifts depends on the recipients. In general, you’d better send useful gifts to the poor; send exquisite gifts to the rich; send commemorative gifts to lovers; send funny gifts to friends; send useful gifts to the old; send novel gifts to children and send local specialties to foreigners.

4 The taboos of sending gifts.

Send fruit to China

Send fruit to China

Chinese people think that good things come in double. So when sending gifts, they usually choose even number of gifts. The Cantonese dislike number four, because four in Chinese sounds like dead. So it’s not lucky to send gifts in number four.

White has the meaning of spotless, but in China, it is the color of big sadness and poor. Black is also regarded as the color of not luck, trouble and dead. In contrast, red represents happiness, luck and success.

When sending gifts to the old, you’d better not send clocks or watches, as there is a phrase meaning burying the dead, it sounds like sending clocks. And it’s not good to send umbrellas or pears to a couple or lovers. Because ‘umbrella’ and ‘pear’ both sound like ‘leave’ in Chinese.

Moreover, you can’t send drugs to healthy people. And you’d better not send close-fitting things to the opposite sex friends.

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