Flower city square Guangzhou

flower city square guangzhouflower city square guangzhou

Covering an area of 560,000 square meters, Flower City Square is located on the new axis of Guangzhou with Huangpu Avenue in the north, Huaxia Road in the west, Xiancun Road in the east, and Linjiang Avenue in the south. The square is 10 times larger than the Guangzhou People’s Park and is 250 meters wide. In total, there are 39 buildings surrounding the square, including the Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong New Museum, Second Children’s Palace of Guangzhou, and Guangzhou International Financing Center.

As for its natural elements, more than 600 large trees are planted around the square, and a man-made lake in the center featuring a large musical fountain, colorful lighting system, and fog-cooling system remains a favorite. Five flower islands can be found in the north area of the square, including 3 cherry blossom islands and 2 peach blossom islands. These are all complemented by lovely green willows, creating a very poetic atmosphere.

1. Guangzhou Opera House
Designed by English architect Zaha Hadid, Guangzhou Opera House features a Round Double- Gravels style. It is steel-structured and stands out prominently along the Pearl River. The glorious opera house is composed of a grand theater, ante hall, multi-functional hall, underground garage, and numerous supporting facilities.

2. Guangdong New Museum
Covering an area of 41,027 square meters with a construction area of 66,980 square meters, the Guangdong New Museum is uniquely designed with a pleasant environment. It is divided into 5 exhibit halls, including the Porcelain Exhibit Hall, Ink-Slab Exhibit Hall, Chaozhou Wood Carving Exhibit Hall, Guangzhou History & Culture Exhibit Hall, and Natural Resources Exhibit Hall.

3. The Second Children’s Palace of Guangzhou
The Second Children’s Palace of Guangzhou covers an area of 16,530 square meters with a construction area of 46,008 square meters, and has 7 stories with a total of over 140 rooms; the first story functions as an entrance hall. Then, the 2nd to the 6th stories function as educational classrooms, including a computer room, art room, calligraphic room, chorus room, and dancing room. The 7th and final story serves as an international communication hall which can hold up t 20,000 visitors at the same time.

4. Guangzhou International Financing Center
A new landmark in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou International Financing Center has 103 stories and stands 440 meters high above the ground. It infuses offices, hotels, recreation, and entertainment as one, and it has becomes the totem of Guangzhou commerce.

Address: in the new axis of Guangzhou
Opening hours: all day
Bus routes: 407, 40, 293, and 886A


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