China National Day 2011, Golden Week

China National Day

The National Day of the People’s Republic of China is celebrated every year on October 1. This year, people in China can also enjoy a seven-day rest during the National Day holiday between October 1 and 7 as usual.

China National Day holidays

Oct. 1st is China’s National Day. It is a festival of great importance to the people nationwide and they celebrate it with great felicitation. In the early morning, numerous people arrive at Tiananmen Square in Beijing to see the ceremonial raising of the national flag. This is followed by a great ceremonial review of troops on the Tiananmen Square and various festive activities are held in different regions. When evening comes, fireworks are set off to illuminate the sky brightly and gallantly.

In 1999, the Chinese government decided that the three days designated for the National Day celebration be combined with the two weekends on either side, thus giving people a seven-day vacation. Also because of the great indulgences during the week, it is regarded as another Golden Week for the Chinese people when they can go out to visit some long-cherished tourist attractions or doing other things people like to do.

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  • he says:

    Chinese National Day is a great opportunity to teach students about Chinese culture. Last year, I taught students about Chinese history,how the New China is created. We also listened to Chinese anthem. My students loved it. They love watching the military parade. My students were amazed how different the two cultures are.