Bulk carnations are shipped directly from our Ecuadorian or Colombian Farms with no water tubes. Before shipping your flowers, we prepared them for their journey with proper hydration methods. If your flowers appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey it is absolutely NORMAL. Just follow these simple steps (included on the flower care instruction card with your shipment) and your carnations will bloom delightfully.

1 – Remove flowers from box by cutting any straps and also remove all paper and plastic packaging.

2 – Fill your container with fresh, cool water to the desired level and add flower food according to the package.

3 – Cut stems diagonally approximately one inch from bottom under running water with sharp scissors or knife.
Immediately after cutting, place the stems in the prepared container.

4 – Allow your flowers 1 day to properly hydrate before arranging.

5 – Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat. Every 2 to 3 days, be sure to re-cut the stems repeating the steps above to maximize the life and beauty of your flowers

carnations hand bouquet

carnations hand bouquet

carnations for ma

carnations for ma


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  • Charls says:

    I finally fieurgd out that I can schedule these posts, too. lol. It’s always a big surprise what picture I have coming up. lolI love this picture. Did you have on your blog the time elapsed transformation of this spot for the flower & garden festival???