Buying flowers for a Chinese Lady

As for sending a bouquet of flowers to a Chinese lady…Usually Chinese guys only send red roses to someone special. Otherwise, the girl would be misled and think you are in love with her.

If you are not in love with her, you’d better send lilies, lilac, peony, orchid, narcissus, etc.

where to buy flowers in China

where to buy flowers in China

Does it matter how many flowers are in the bouquet?

If you do send red roses, a certain number does have a special meaning. For instance, 11 means I will love you for my whole life. 21 means your are the one I love most. 99 means I will love you forever. 365 means I love you every day.

When the boy asks a girl to marry him, he would send 101 roses. If the girl is willing to marry him, she would send 1 rose back to the boy. There is also a special meaning for each variety of flower. We Chinese call it “Hua yu” which means the meaning of the flower.

Number of Flowers Meaning
1 I love only you. You, and only you, are in my heart.
2 In my mind, I just think of you and me.
3 I love you.
4 Promise of love.
5 No regrets with you.
6 I hope everything goes your way.
7 I feel happy when I’m with you.
8 I apologize. Please forgive me.
9 No regrets. Forever with you in love.
10 Perfect love.
11 Single-minded focus on your happiness. Concentrating on you with all my heart and soul.
12 Soul connection.
13 A secret admirer.
14 (this is a very unlucky number in China, don’t give anyone 14 flowers as a gift)
15 I’m sorry.
17 Happy ending, leaving each other on good terms.
18 Sincere heart.
19 Looking forward to being with you.
20 Forever loving you with an unchanging heart.
21 You are my best love.
22 (Double 2: This number is very popular in China, because a happy couple is 2 people, double happiness…the number 22 has 2 two’s!)In love to no end.
24 I miss you. I’m thinking about you.
25 Good luck.
30 Our love goes beyond words.
33 I will always love you…for many years, for very long.
36 My heart belongs to you.
44 I promise my steady love for you.
50 (Same as 5) No regrets.
55 I love you with no regrets.
56 My love.
60 Our love is very steady, strong and stable.
66 True steady love. Good mood.
77 Destiny brought us together.
88 In my heart, I want to make up to you.
99 I want to be with you forever.
100 I love you 100%.
101 You are my only love.
108 Will you marry me?
123 Freedom and Love.
144 I love you every day, every month, every year, every century.
365 I think of you every day, I love you every day.
999 Infinite love.

Where to buy flowers in China?

Today with the help of the internet, it is very easy to send flowers to China and to send gifts to China. You can be living in any part of the world but you can send fresh flowers to China as if you were ordering it locally in China. View our How to Send Flowers to China?

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